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Old 05-09-2006, 04:18 PM
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Originally Posted by tdh360
Ok, I need some help! ASAP!

When I did my experiment my hypothesis was proven wrong.

I made a ramp and slid different objects down the ramp onto the ice. I meausred how far the object traveled. I then poured a measured amount of water on the ice and re-did the procedure.

All but one of the objects traveled further before there was water on the ice.

I'm having a hard time finding information for my research paper. If anyone has ANY input please help me out and reply asap! Thanks!
One of the objects? Sometimes, there are sources of error that go into the experiment. That is why you need lots of trials. Or do you mean one type of object? It could have something to do with its shape or its surface area. Can you explain more detailed what you have, or post up your results?
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