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Old 10-11-2005, 07:55 AM
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Default What do ants prefer in their diets?

I am having a hard time doing my research on what ants prefer in their diet. There isn't much information on that subject. My project is "What do ants prefer? Monosaccharides, disaccharides, or polysaccharides. I need help!
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Old 10-13-2005, 10:41 AM
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Post I got an idea?

You can try diffrent type of food that attract ants,such as sugar , salt, citrius food, green vegetables, meat and more....

You can follow these procedure:

A. Preparing the terrarium with a habitat suitable for ants

1) Put 3 centimeters of sand, soil and beauty bark mixture in the bottom.
2) Place moist, rotting wood in random locations inside the terrarium.
3) Spray water on the sand to form a more suitable sand texture for the ant colony.

B. Preparing the solutions and bread slices
To achieve the following flavors, make these solutions by following the next steps.

1) Solution 1: SWEET flavor- 5% Sucrose: Dissolve 5.0 grams of sucrose into 95.0 grams of deionized water. Warm up solution to mix.
2) Solution 2: SOUR flavor- 0.15% Citric Acid: Mix 0.15 grams of citric acid with 99.85 grams of deionized water. Using a magnetic stirrer, slowly mix the solution.
3) Solution 3: SALTY flavor- 1.0% Sodium Chloride: Dissolve 1.0 grams of sodium chloride into 99.0 grams of deionized water. Warm up solution to mix.
4) Solution 4: BITTER flavor- 0.15% Caffeine: Mix .15 grams of caffeine with 99.85 grams of deionized water.
5) Solution 5: NO flavor (control)- 100% Deionized Water: 100 grams of deionized water.
6) Cut five squares of bread 2cm by 2cm and (1) centimeter thick.
7) Drop 0.5 milliliter (13 drops) of sweet solution onto a bread square using an eyedropper.
8) Flip square over and drop 0.5 mL (13 drops) of solution on that side.
9) Repeat steps seven and eight using the sour, bitter, salty and control solutions on separate pieces of bread.
10) Cut 25 squares of tin foil each 6cm by 6cm.
11) Place squares of bread on top of tin foil and put ants into terrarium.
12) Every two hours, record the number of ants on each bread square, then take 1 picture with the digital camera.
13) Repeat steps six through eleven three times each day for five days.

C. Following steps six through eleven, change the bread squares at each station after 24 hours of exposure to the ants.

D. Analyzing Data
1) At 1:00, 3:00 and 5:00 pictures were taken. Names/Dates were added to pictures as soon as they were processed.
2) This process was repeated after each day with the trial pictures.
3) Averages were taken of each stationís data after the testing period is completely over.
4) Graph all results.

Good luck!
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Old 10-14-2005, 08:44 PM
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that's a good idea brainygirl well i know that ants can carry twice theris weight... they like food best sugar/ sweet stuff fav...
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