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Old 01-23-2006, 01:16 PM
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Default h-e-l-l-o

can somone plz help me i need help i like need help right now
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Old 01-23-2006, 01:28 PM
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Talking Please

Use a good title. -FLP

WHat subject, grade, and due date?
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Old 01-26-2006, 05:43 PM
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Originally Posted by **** 911
can somone plz help me i need help i like need help right now
Please be specific on what you want help on. Probably topic selection?

As for physics topic selection, there's a huge list to choose from. Really, just choose something you're interested in and get researching.

A list of topics:
what are the factors in how well a ball bounces?

what are the factors in the mutations in frogs/fish? You'll need a good knowledge of how to take care of fish and a number of tanks.

which most harmful substance in creating acid rain (acid rain isn't all caused by carbon dioxide)? You'll need a pH paper and access to acids, which might not work.

what substances retain water? There are substances that hold water. It gets water vapor from the air. They are called "hygroscopic." (excuse me if I spelled it wrong). What substances are hygroscopic? What are not? Are all of them hygroscopic? Which substances are more hygroscopic? Let's say you have salt and sugar. You first measure 10 grams of salt in a ceramic cup/bowl. Then you heat the ceramic cup/bowl to EXTREMELY HIGH TEMPERATURES. if the substance is hygroscopic, it will loose its water at such a high heat. When it cools, IMMEDIATELY weigh it before it gets water from the air again. If the weigh lessened, that means water is dispelled by the heating, which means water was there in the first place. How much the mass lessened determines how well a substance holds water. For example (making these figures up), if 10 grams of salt becomes 5 grams after heating, while 10 grams of sugar becomes 2 grams after heating, that means sugar is better at containing water, cause for every 10 grams, there is 8 grams water vs 5 grams of water per 10 grams of salt. (of course, a substance cannot be 50% water, or what kind of substance would it be then? )

My suggestion is to try this one about the hygroscopic solids. You just need to be extra extra cautious about the hot fire. You'll have to use good tongs to transfer the ceramic container and a place (like a paedding) to put it to cool. You can use a bunsen burner to heat it, or your stove. But bunsen burner is high recommended, cause it is the only tool I can think of that gives off a fire that hot. Learn how to use the bunsen burner. And you need a balance.

Good luck!
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