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Old 02-16-2006, 10:22 AM
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Cool We need help on a Friction Project

My son is in 6th grade and would like to do his Science Fair project on friction. Does anyone have any ideas on what we can do for this?
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Old 02-16-2006, 12:40 PM
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Smile Friction Project

Hi .
Below I listed a project that I found on this website: [url][/url]. I hope that the project goes well!


Which surface has the most friction;



We think the tinfoil has the most friction.


five toy cars


Step 1: Glue surfaces on the ramp

Step 2: Put cars on each of the surfaces, use a ruler to prevent cars from rolling down the ramp

Step 3: Remove ruler and let the cars go.

Step 4: Watch to see which car finishes first.

Step 6: Repeat at least five times.


Friction is the property that objects have which makes them resist being moved across one another. If two objects with flat surfaces are placed one ontop of the other the top object can be lifted without any resistance except that of gravity. But if one object is pushed or pulled along he surface of the other there is a resistance caused by friction. Friction has many important uses, it makes the wheels of the locomotive grip the rails of the track. It allows a conveyer belt to turn on pulleys without slipping. You could not walk without friction, it keeps your shoes from slipping on the pavement. This is why it is hard to walk on ice. The smooth surface of the ice has less friction than of pavement. Friction also has disadvantages, it produces heat and may cause objects to wear out. This is why oil and other lubricants are used to fill spaces between moving machinery parts. The lubricant reduces friction and makes the parts move more easily and produce less heat. There are three main kinds of friction; sliding or kinetic friction is produced when two surfaces slide across each other, rolling friction is when one object rolls over a surface, fluid friction or viscosity is the friction between moving fluids or between fluids and a solid (thinner fluids have less viscosity than thicker fluids and will flow faster).

The basic Law of Friction says that the force needed to overcome friction is proportional to the total perpindicular force pressing one surface agains the other. When a weight of a box being pulled across the floor is doubled the force needed to pull it must also be doubled. The ratio between the weight being moved and the force pressing the solid faces together is called the Coefficient of Friction. The Coefficient of Friction equals the force needed to move an object divided by the force pressing the surfaces together. The Coefficient of Friction depends on the types of surfaces moving against eachother. Suppose a force of 30 N is needed to pull a block weighing 80 kg. The Coefficient of Friction equals 30/80 or 0.375. The Coeficient of Friction for wood sliding on wood is between 0.25 and 0.5. Metal has a Coeficient of Friction of between 0.15 and 0.2. All force due to rolling friction is about 1/100th as much as that due to sliding friction. The Coeficient of Friction for iron rolled on oiled wood would be much less than 0.018. The friction depends more on the viscosity of the liquid than the types of surfaces.


In our tests we found that the rug has the most friction not the tinfoil which we had predicted. This is because the rug is not as smooth as the tinfoil.
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