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Old 05-11-2006, 06:33 AM
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Default Crystals

Is it possible to grow crystals at home and what is needed? HELP! I'm a mom my kid is in need ASAP. My husband/her father had a heart attack and he is the math/science one in the family and I'm the reading/history one! Dad is doing well but has short term memory loss from a loss of oxygen. HELP my kid succeed PLZ
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Old 11-08-2006, 07:50 PM
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Yes it is possible to grow crystals at home, depending if you use the right temperature. It requires time and patience. ;]

"Growing a Crystal Garden"

Here's what you need
• 3 clean, dry sponges
• Aluminum pie plate or cake pan
• Glass measuring cup
• 1/4 cup table salt
• 1/4 cup water
• 1/4 cup laundry bluing (You can buy bluing at the grocery store under the brand name of Mrs. Stewart’s Liquid Bluing.)
• 2 tablespoons household ammonia
• Mixing bowl
• Metal spoon
• Blue and green food colouring

1. Arrange the sponges in the pie plate. (You can cut the sponges to fit in the pie plate if needed.)
2. Pour the salt, water, bluing, and ammonia into the mixing bowl and stir well to mix.
3. Pour this mixture over the sponges and then spoon out the rest of the thick portion, spreading it out evenly over the sponges.
4. Sprinkle drops of food colouring randomly on the sponges.
5. Let the pan sit. It may take hours or even days to see the results.

To grow just crystals, you would only need
-glass jar

*I recommand you to put the crystals in a cool place so it would start forming, because if you put it in a hot place, I'm not sure if it starts forming because of the heat.
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