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Originally Posted by auragirl
Hello all, I've been doing some research for an assignment I'm working on, due a week from now, and I was hoping that maybe I could get some advice here...

I'm an art student, and in my 2D/3D design class, we've been asked to design a container to do a typical egg-drop style assignment. Here are the criteria:

- The egg must be raw, and will be provided by the professor (which means the container needs to be able to open, to insert the egg).
- the container will be dropped from a third floor balcony, onto hard concrete.
- The egg must survive the fall without cracking, but the container can break (if it breaks, it should break by design and ideally something "interesting" or "pretty" should result from the breakage).
- No wings, helium balloons or parachutes may be used.
- Any materials can be used and the container can be as elaborate or as simple as we wish.
- The container must be functional as well as aesthetic and it will recieve a grade for each aspect.

So far, my plans and research have led me to the idea of making a sort of egg-within-an-egg design...building outwards from a hardboiled egg, making a series of ever-larger papier-mache egg shapes, each larger than the last...and then filling the hollow area between each "shell" with some sort of impact-absorbant material. I was thinking of maybe pudding, or jello, or popped website said peanut butter was good for cushioning the egg, maybe using that for the innermost egg? I've heard that bubble wrap is actually very bad for this sort of assignment, but that the green foam used for arranging artificial flowers is very good. I'm currently planning to make the papier-mache without any wire frame, and cut all the eggs open at the middle, and use tape to close them before the big drop.

Any suggestions for how to go about this would be quite useful, the more detailed the better!

Thanks in advance.
To Make this happen try some concentrated or thick or semifluid liquid in the jar
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