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Exclamation Okay not much help so far but....

Alright. I found a project. It is the effect of electricity on plant germination. Now I need to put together a hypothesis, procedure and list of materials. Can you people help? For the hypothesis I think it is going to have a positive effect, but I need help wording it. I have a book that explains how to make like a 3 volt battery, so do you think that would be too strong? I do not want to kill the plants. Also where should I "apply" the electricity? To the roots? But how would I do that without digging up the plants. Oh, and does anybody have any idea what kind of plants would be best to use in this experiment. They have to be sturdy, and grow up not out so I can measure them. I was thinking maybe I could buy seeds and electricute them before I planted them. Hehe this is gonna be fun. Again any help is apprieciated.