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Question Thanks, (will my new idea work)

Originally Posted by RaZoR View Post
Here's an idea:

Testing the amount of water that a type of diaper can hold (i.e. the quality of the hydrogel within the baby diaper.)

It's actually extremely easy, and retains to the idea of before&after theme.
Thanks Razor for your help. I'd need to research that one to find out more about it but I'm not sure if my bio teacher will approve.
I was thinking last night and I think I have an idea but I need some help with it.

I was thinking of testing how fungi grows in different temperatures. I would get some bread and add some water too it? and some suger? and place different pieces in different temperatures. But what bread is good for this? And how do I formulate my if, then, because statement & hypothesis

If you could help me some more it would be great.
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