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1) The mushroom is in this kingdom.fungus kingdom?
2) Electricity is the flow of this negative particle.Electrons!
3) Name the formula for speed. (What's the different between speed and velocity?)distance times time
4) Instead of old microscopes with mirrors, you now have this to light up your specimens.I don't know, mine has a mirror thank you very much.
5) What vital substance are scientists looking for on mars to demonstrate that there is life on mars?water and evidence (minerals) that there was once water
6) Name the pythagorean theorem. (What type of triangles do they apply to?)Uuuuuu I usd to know this, totally forgot tho
7) What is the chemical formula of water?H2O
8) Hydrogen has an atomic mass of _____1__ amu (round it to the nearest amu).
ooo ooo

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