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Default Science Project based on observations

To add to what Dreamerofeternity said about doing a project that examines the effect of temperature on something that's measurable/quantifiable - a good place to start would be think of what you might have previously observed/noticed - eg. you've seen baloons expand and burst when placed in the hot sun. You might have seen your a friend's mobile phone screen go wonky when placed in the glove compartment of a car parked out in the open in summer. Maybe you've noticed the phone malfunction in extremely cold weather - and you might have wondered whether it was the screen or the electronics that failed.

It could be anything really - what' I'm trying to say is that science projects become that little bit more meaningful, when they address questions that you already have in your own mind. Think hard enough, and you'll find a project that involves one or two things that you've always wondered about...
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