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Dear Mad Scientist (I don't know your name)

Thank you for replying to my message.

What is different about my model is that in one section the chemical elements are arranged only by atomic number but not by period or group ( This arrangement of the elements follows up their electronic configuration ); and the other two sections are arranged in alphabetical order so the student can locate elements and its data in a more faster way.

As I have said before to students and teachers, this is not an invention, it is only a design that has it's roots on the periodic table.

The model consists of three main sections.

A) Electronic configuration
Where you can determine the electronic configuration of any element and consult data of such element such as electro negativity, ionic radii, etc.

B) Thermal properties
Information arranged in alphabetical order.

C) Physical properties.
Information arranged in alphabetical order.

Please download a free sample and see it for your self.
I only ask for your name and email address so that I can email you in the future if any changes are made to the page or model.
Also, please click on characteristics for a more detailed explanation of the design.


I hope that I responded correctly to your answer.
If not, let me know and I'll email you back.

Best regards

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