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Originally Posted by flyingpiggy
its me again i was thinking of maybe a pH test or maybe testing the quality of a product if anyone knows anything please tell me . i
m not qouite sure but if you have any other ideas that will hopefully impress my teachers please post a reply quickly if you could help you would be an

i have a few ides but im not quite sure i was thinking about putting a plant in a shobox with obstacles and a hole for sunlight by a window and you know the plant will go to the sunlight but does like a light form a lamp of if i put celophane over the box matter? will it stil go towards the light?
well i like the idea but i was thinking of changing like which plant reaches teh light first? because i like the idea but i know it will go towards the lightby the way what are some quick growing plants as i dotn have much time
The plant idea (as i have said earlier) is a good idea. If you're still confused ( ) than try browsing through the posts in our forum. You might find an idea you like.
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The Newtons and friends were taking tea
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But clever Isaac alone could see,
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