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Smile Stars...

I love stars and I like the process of there death it is cool. Like "Red Giant" that is when a star runs out of protons. The star is super, super, super hot about 20 million degrees farienthiet (spelling, sorry). When Our sun becomes a "Red Giant" in an exstimated 4-5 billion years, it will litterally vaporize Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars!!!

After a few million years the outer layer of the "Red Giant will begin to "puff off" and form a planetary nebula. leaving a dead core of the star made mostly of Carbon and Oxygen. This is "White Dwarf". They are very dense one table spoon of "White Dwarf" can wieght as much as a car!!! Then they blow up!!

If you find this interesting post a reply. If not OK!

If you have any other information on this process I really want to know about it
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