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Dear Mad

What I am trying to say is that you can find any color in a specific fruit or vegetables.
So, if your are trying to find out if you can “feel” colors, why don’t you taste a fruit or a vegetable that is orange, red, black brown, etc.

I am trying just to relate color with taste because maybe you can translate a fruit or vegetable sour or sweet taste in to a “feeling”.

I know that this is crazy and absurd. But it is just a thought

I know that color is due to the length of wave of light. If we humans are made of matter (constituted by the elemental particles) then we have a personal frequency……thus, maybe when we see a color and “feel good” is because our frequency and the color’s frequency are the same and our heart starts jumping because of the resonance as a result of the superposition of the frequencies….

I think that this is double the crazy than the last idea of mine.

Mmmm…maybe I should quit the forums. I don’t want to confuse anybody. (Just kidding….I’ll try to do my best in helping others…in a non-crazy way)

See you soon.

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