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Originally Posted by jellybeans
IS it possible to know someone's behind you by instinct like in scary movies?
I just thought this would
be interesting ^_^
this falls under human psychology!!
plz tell me wat u think.
Hey that's an interesting experiment! You should get a few subjects and design an experiment to test out whether they know people are behind them.

The trick is they shouldn't be EXPECTING someone to come behind them - so you cannot tell them ahead of time that someone is going to come up behind them and that their job is to guess when.

You can do this in a neutral environment where there are no influences such as "watching a scary movie". Then you can do a whole new set of experiments where there ARE influences.

You can then tabulate the results, to see if there's any marked difference when factors are introduced.

This would make a solid project - but you'll need friends/people to be your subjects.

The main point is - put thought into designing the experiment. That will impress the judges.
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