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pepsifan5 is helpful, nice and has lots of friends here
Smile thanx...but yeah/..........

thanks good idea can u tell more poel to come here:
not trying to be rude but i did that in pre-k so.....

Compare the fat in different brands of chips?
Compare the nutritional value of potato chips compared to potatoes? GREAT THOUGH but what i sayed before!

my rap:in working process but i think it is o.k the BEAT rocks! though!!!

sorry people,
i know i am better than you 100% better than you
but do not be jeoulous i will make you just like
me and you can be JUST like me!!
Wait why share me with you??
No one will be me!! NOT A LOSER but you are...
so stop being jeoulous of me and get your own
jeaoulous LIFE of me!!

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