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Talking Whammo! Answers!!! (Okay.. don't know about the whammo...)

Originally Posted by CanadianScienceQueen
This project sounds amazing! I just have a few questions:
1) Did you do this science fair, if so what grade level?
2) Did your school have a problem with your project involving dead fish?
3) Where did you get the fish? Did you get them all at the same time?

Thank you.

I am very interested, it sounds unique and challenging.

Alright. I know I haven't been on for a while, but here are the answers to your questions!

1) No, I didn't do this project, because my classmates stole it from me. Oh well... I did REALLY good with my project. Me and my classmates are in grade 9, but the judges said that that project was way above their level, possibly a grade 11 project, due to the amount of time and energy, as well as safety concerns, related with this project.

2) My school didn't have a problem with using dead fish, solely because my classmates asked if it was okay before hand, and they weren't KILLING the fish.

3) My classmates simply went to PetLand (the local pet store) and explained that they had a science fair, and they needed to have bioluminescent bacteria grown from deceased fish. The kind workers there went into the back, pulled out a few deceased fish, and gave them to my classmates. It was as simple as that. The fish don't have to be retreived all at the same time, but, it really helps in showing that you tried to control your variables. Ideally, you would want to keep everything about the fish the same, (age, type, environment, food) but you can only control this to some extent, because you did not grow the fish yourself.
Good luck in your future fairs!!!!!

Also, excellent idea (okay... I'm sorry if I spell your user name wrong, but here it goes... ) dreamerofeternity!!!!!! That goes to show that your brilliant mind is always working! Keep up the good work!

Yours truly,

Joker Jones
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