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lol if the bible explains everything...what happened to the dinosaurs???

no really. if god did in fact create all of us. then why is there no similiar life ...or atleast that we know of found on mars or other planets that we have so far travelled to.

and its not an accident that we were created the reason life was able to form was b/c earth most likely presented the best conditions for life to evolve on. you know, its not some mystery or anything. its just life was looking for a way out and it found earth to be quite suitable.

but then again what is life? ifgod is the oh so controller of the universe...why does the bible have a bias against poeple who believe. i mean really the medieval times people were killed for believing different fact most wars were about religion. (in the roots of coourse) lol except maybe the war of 1812...a little pointless i must say...

so basically if god is so loving and excepting why are people not like that. you cant turn the news on everyday without hearing that somebody got shot or how rasicm travels though school and how *** people rally at different places.

really. all i think the scientists want is proof. not just a dusty old book that was written by humans who claim to be able to hear. god!!! lol i mean who knows what couldve driven them to such conclusions.
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