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Cool Lets get serious

Alright, first off I want to say that the theory of god, (which isnt theory at all but fact which im about to give proof for) takes faith. There is no way you can prove that there is a greater being, you have to believe.


The old testament was written between 1450 B.C. and 430 B.C. Thoughout the old testament over 510 prophecies were made. Some about Jesus, some about today. Over 450 of those prophecies have come true. How do you explain that. Now if you have enough "wisdom" to prove to me that it was luck step up and say something.
Mathmaticians have sat there for days on end figuring out the probability of 450 out of 500 summod prophecies that were made a few thousand years ago coming true, and you know what they came up with?

Fill Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado 2 feet high with quarters. Mark 5 with a red marker, and scatter them. Try to find them....blindfolded

In Revalation there is ASTOUNDING EVIDENCE It says that apollyon, which is an angel, will rise and kill almost 1/3, of his own people/kind in the east. Apollyon is greek for the destroyer. Sadaam Husien almost killed his mother during childbirth and she made his middle name the destroyer in arabic (which i cant find right now). Sadaam grew up and, the math has been done, he killed roughly 1/3 of the people he ruled. Not enough?

Everyone knows what Chernobyl is.

In the last book of the bible it says that a great mountain will errupt. (Now you have to remember John was seeing this a few thousand years before it happend so he didnt have names for everything.) And its name will be that of woodworm. It also says it will kill 2/3 rds of Plants,Animals and Men that are around it. Chernobyl translated in the hungarian language is woodworm. And guess what. Theyve done the math. 2/3 of everthing died.

Explain that.

Also I want someone to tell me. If we didnt come from a greater being, where did we come from? POND SCUM? Lets get serious

Oh yea and the post before me could god make something so big he couldnt lift it. The bible says god can do anything. Paradox written all over it.

and to think that this is coming from a 13 year old
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