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dreamerofeternity would have made Einstein proud! dreamerofeternity would have made Einstein proud!

I'm wondering though, does the amount of fizz naturally correspond to how long the fizz will last?

I'm wondering if it would be easier to measure the pressure inside the soda, cause if there is more CO2 (the fizz is carbon dioxide dissolved in the sugared water), there would be definitely more pressure. And then again, I don't know how to measure the pressure of a liquid in a closed container.

Also, I wonder if you can measure how much fizz is in by just shaking it as hard as you can and measure how much soda is left after all the fizz is gone.

As you've notived, I've been using "I wonder," so these are my thoughts. So if you want to confirm it, you can only try it for yourself and see if it works or not.

Also, just some warnings, the amount of CO2 that will undissolve and come out as fizz depends on temperature as well as pressure. Pressure usually stays around 760 torrs. But temperature, make sure the sodas are all room temperature or refrigerator temperature.

Just some topics you can research: the gas laws --how the temperature/pressure/volume changes when one of them changes. Like temperature gets higher, volume gets higer, and less solubility.
Check out the solubility curve of CO2. It tells you how much CO2 you can dissolve at a certain temperature in a certain amount of water.

Good luck!
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