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Originally Posted by Amon L'isa
GOD is whatever you want it to be, becouse u cannot prove opposite. You have NO RIGHT to tell someone the christian God is better then Alah, or Budha, or jehova, or spme pagan gods... You cannot!!!All u can do is to beleive, beleive in something that your soul tells u to, and if u do, ull feel fine. U'll be happy...

Can't say how was space created....You can only gues...I don't beleive in Big Bang. I beleive in somethin greater... That I cannot explaine...We don't know any of these stuff.But first of all, we dont know ourselves...That's our worry, not the world outside, not the world that controles us...
Amon, I think I understand where you are coming from. There are age old philosophies/religions that state the truth is too elusive for mankind to determine.

The monotheistic religions such as Christianity/Islam/Judaism also reaffirm that the truth is too complex for humans to understand. However, they add that the Creator has explicitly REVEALED to creation HOW He wants mankind to understand reality.

Sorry but I have to disagree with your statement that God is "anything you want it to be". While it is an attractive philosophy, it does not hold its ground.

Why? Assume for a moment that there is a specific being (the Creator). The Creator has created everything in this universe. Therefore things are as He created them. If mankind says "God is anything I wish it to be", mankind is only choosing to shy away from discovering reality. Kinda like an ostrich trying to get rid of fear by burying its head in a hole. "If I don't confront the issue, it cannot bother me".

I believe that logical reasoning offers only 2 choices:-
Either there is no God or there is a God.
If there is a God, and assuming God created this universe, then reality is defined by Him and not up to mankind to interpret it as he wishes. Reality also includes how man is to understand himself.
If there is no God, then there is no God PERIOD. It does not make sense to say "God is anything I wish it to be". There is no God in this universe.

We must all confront that question: Is there a God/Creator? Or did we all form out of chance/nature/unguided-evolution.

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