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You guys are like so totally wrong here~! I had to do this whole Project on stupid Alkali Metals and uhhm alot of tha stuff you wrote about it is soo messed uhhp. 1st there are 6 elements in this group and Hydrogen is not one of them. They are lithium, cesium, sodium, potassium, Rubidium, and francium! Lol duhh they all react with hydrogen tho. You can only cut some of these metals with a knife and thats if they are above room temp or right at it =] When they get with water they dont ((EXPLODE)) they catch fire, spark, or melt.... Wow i didnt know i was this smart... but hope i help someone that wants the right info.

also im not a nerd!!! Lol just a little Fyi =] let me kno if you have a problem.

<3with love;
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