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Originally Posted by scienceluvr View Post
Dr. Jay L.Wile says that science does not prove any thing. He says that in the book he wrote called:Exploring Creation With General Science. Pluss like I said earlier we would still be comming from monkeys if we started that way.

I had that book! It's great! A time ago I stopped to think, why do I believe in God/Jesus, is it just because my parents told me too, or is there actual evidence that God/Jesus really exist and if he really is the son og God. So I did a lot of reaserch. Why couldn't the bible just be written by some man who was really good at geography and history? I found out that the bible is full of predictions of the future that have been made 200 years before they actually came true. Why would I believe that? You now that sciencets can age things to see how long ago it really did happen, so that is VERY good evidence of the bible not just being written by some man. There are many more reasons but I don't really want to go into that now because I've got other stuff to do.

So I deciede, what about evolution? I reaserched it, found out absoultly no evidence to it. It's just been a widley known "fact" so people just come to accept it without knowing anything about it (just like many religions, including christianity.) You have to be well backed up when you are arguing with people, so you can just know NOTHING about evolution, (and other religions.) Also, the way some sciencets age things, there is one very popular method that ages things back millions of year (I forgot the name of it, somthing that started with and r.) It is only reliable as long as it dates something 3,000 years and less. One more question if we evolved from apes, why aren't apes extinct?

Sorry If I offened anyone with this. I just want to say why I belive in such things, by the way, I have atheist friends and all, it's not like I hate people and such.
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