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Post Actually,

Actually, the size could matter! The larger the ball, the less the impact pressure is concentrated. The smaller the ball, the pressure is concentrated into a smaller area! Try this with a bouncy ball and a playground ball-

Question: Does the size of the ball dropped effect the deepness of the crater it makes?

Hypothesis: Fill in what you think will happen>


A small bouncy ball
A regular sized play ground ball
A beach or a sandbox
A small footstool
A ruler


1:Let each ball go from the top of the footstool into level sand.
2:Measure the deepness of the crater.
3:Repeat and calculate results

Disclaimer: This is a very simple project. To get better results, you would have to make each ball weighs the same, and fall to the sand at the same speed, but for now, it serves its pupose.
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