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Default Making a science poll

Originally Posted by All Knowing
I dont know how to make a poll?!? after my ? can someone tell me how to make one?!?

If these great scientists where about to die and you could only save one which one would it be. (note: if the others are dead the inventions didnt get invented)

A) Thomas Edison happy man
B) Benjamin Franklin struck by lightning:
C) Karl(Carl) Benz invented the first _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
D) Martin Cooper invented the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Pick one carefully because some of these needed the other inventor to make there work.
Whenever you create a new thread, you will find a little checkbox below the text-entry box that asks you whether you want to create a poll. Select that box, and specify the number of options (alternative answers)'ll then be brought to another page that allows you to enter those options. Go ahead, try it!
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