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Default New Team System

With immediate effect, after discussion with our Mentors, we've decided to group all Mentors and Trainees into teams. This is to help improve the quality of the Mentor Training Program, and provide even better guidance and encouragement to all of our aspiring mentors!

There will be 5 teams altogether:

1. Forum Litter Patrol
2. Team A
3. Team B
4. Team C
5. Team D

The leaders of the teams are:

1. Forum Litter Patrol - BroadwayBaby
2. Team A - Dreamerofeternity
3. Team B - Satfire311
4. Team C - Science Ace #1
5. Team D - BrainyGirl

BroadwayBaby, Dreamer, Satfire, Science Ace, BrainyGirl have been promoted to Senior Mentor. Congratulations!

Who's in my team? see here [url][/url]

Each of Teams A to D have at least 2 other Mentors specifically assigned to those teams.

The Mentors in each team will be responsible for providing guidance and encouragement to all Trainee Mentors in their Team. The Mentors will also haved the discretion to decide whether a Trainee Mentor is ready to be promoted to become a full mentor. More details on this will be worked out and announced later.

Anyone who would like to become a Trainee Mentor, will have to apply to join one of the 4 Teams A to D. All existing Trainee Mentors have been placed in one of the 4 Teams in no particular order.

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