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I really need your guys' help, this is my report of info,. on fossil fuel but at the end, i did not finish because i dont know how to sum it up with a sentence that does vbring a sense of closure, so just post your ideas. and any other suggestion is fine, like maybe a better vocabulary for some one my words, grammar mistakes etc...

In conclusion, fossil fuels are natural energy-rich substances made from decayed and decomposed organisms that died and were buried in sediment basins millions of year ago. Fossil fuels are very important to modern society. It acts as a fuel (specifically petroleum) that is used for transportation on land, the sea and in the air. Fossil fuel could be used to produce plastic, chemicals like pesticides and Vaseline and to produced electricity and heat for billions of homes all over the world. Petroleum reserves are mostly concentrated in the Middle East area, while natural gas is concentrated in the Russian Confederation and the U.S. has the world’s biggest coal reserves. Over the last few decades, human modernizations of society required a lot more fossil fuels to be burned and released a large amount of greenhouse gas faster than the Earth’s natural process can absorbed them. As a result of the large amount of greenhouse gas in the air, global temperatures have been raised by 1 Celsius degree and consequently, the ecological and biological chain of life is altered, resulting in damaging effects. A conference held in Kyoto, Japan in 1997 issued a protocol called Kyoto Protocol that established an agreement among nations to limit greenhouse emission to take a step towards bettering the environment. However, despite the threat of environmental change, the shortage of fossil fuel, specifically petroleum is becoming a greater problem. The biggest oil field in Kuwait, one of the most productive countries of petroleum, is starting to run out of oil, demonstrating the start of oil shortage that will eventually take serious toll. Fossil fuels are essential to modern society and as human dependencies on the combustion of fossil fuels increase, fossil fuel had become the pillar that held modern society from crashing. Without fossil fuels, life would change dramatically, and inflation will introduce a serious problem all over the world.
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