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Originally Posted by sandra
My daughter has a science experiment to do. She wants to know who's mouth is cleaner, a human or a dog's. I need to know how to help her do this. These are the steps we have so far:
1.Get saliva samples from dogs and humans. the saliva on slides. slides in culture plate. (By the way I can't find them anywhere) Does she need to put them in culture plates?
4.Place culture plate in warm area. (Is this necessary?) Do we need an incubator? Any suggestions?
5.Wait a few days to see how much bacteria forms.
6.Take out slides of culture plates and see how much bacteria has formed.(what kind of microscope does she need?) How can she measure the bacteria?
7.Record results.
I need answers to these questions ASAP.
Thank You
She would need a compound light microscope.
A Incubator would be an important assential because the heat will make the bacteria grow faster and there fore giving you faster results.

Research Shows that Dogs have cleaner mouths... Look up on a search engine such as [url][/url] to find out more information.
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