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Originally Posted by sciencefreak
You can try this:
Coat 3-4 papers with petroleum jelly then place them (suspended) in different locations. After around 12 hrs, check them and you'll see different dust particles and pollutants on them Use this in your project, it might just help!
Great idea! Though you'd want to put them in places that you know are different in big aspects. Perhaps put one next to a car-filled street, or the subway, or one in a nice and quiet woods. I suggest that you don't put 12 of these in different places of your room, cause you probably won't see much of a difference.

Also, if you're interested in looking at acid rain...

Look at the different acids in acid rain. Perform an experiment on what types of acid is most damaging. Another option is to monitor the rain. If you have a long time for this, monitor the changes in the pH of the rain over a few months, or compare the acidity of the rain at different places (perferablly, places very very far away from each other, like NYC and Philadelphia). Or you can investigate the effects of acid rain on plant growth. You can use grass and make your own acid rain.
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