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Thumbs up thats a good one!!!

Originally Posted by minnie30567746
O.K, in my 7th grade science class, we are learning about cells. I was wondering what you would think of a model of the inside of a cell made out of food. For example, the cytoplasme could be made out of Jello, the neucleus out of pudding, the nucleolus made out of a cherry, and on and on. If you want me to go on, please tell me, but that is all that I will post here. This could be used as a project for an elmentary science fair, that is what my sister is doing for hers. Please give some input!
hey thats cool we had to do the same thing last year i got most eatable looking and a hundred!! so i mean it worked for me thats just cool that someone else thought of the same idea. hey well it worked for me i really hope it works for you. except i used a fruit roll up for something i just forgot what it was. well good luck i really hope you do well.
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