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dreamerofeternity would have made Einstein proud! dreamerofeternity would have made Einstein proud!

I read a biography on Pasteur. He is AMAZING! Afterwards, he was my model scientist.

Okay, his accomplishments...Yes, the crystals. They were some sort of crystals of some type of acid. And there are different types of crystals. Therefore, their crevices face different directions. He studied how the directions the crystals faced and found out that one crystal was actually TWO different crystals because they faced two separate directions.

His career in science was much helped by his teachers and mentors, who gave him access to equipement. Actually, his procedures for disproving spontaneous generation was suggested by one of his mentors.

He was a devout Catholic, which is why he was against disprove spontaneous generation.

His wife was a remarkable woman (in my opinion). She gave him the oppurtunity to study science and ended up carrying the responsibility of the family. She helped him with his papers as well.

He studied cowpox and immunology and vaccination. Actually, the term vaccination is used from the french word vache, for cow, because cowpox was the first or around the first use for vaccination. He studied vaccination using dogs and provided a breakthrough in vaccination.

Pasteurization was a big breakthrough because of the wine and vinegar industries. Seriously...

He helped the silk industry by solving the silk worm disease.

He was an extremely versatile man, as you can see. He can use a few years to study on a totally new topic and provide breakthroughs, such as the silk worm plight. Sadly, he is known mostly only for pasteurization and spontaneous generation, when he has done so much. But we should all be happy and thankful that such an amazing scientist such as Pasteur existed.
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