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Thanks SmartC.I have thought about this a lot, and it is all pretty simple, and pretty complicated at the same time. We are talking about simple and genral psihology, becouse we are discusing about how does experience affects on our seeing of the ppl and place around us. But, if so, then philosophy wouldn't exist, wouldn't it? THERE IS MORE
ppl are very complicated biengs... It is known that whole science is agreed about that the human brain is the most known complicated creature in the whole universe!!! u wouldn't beleive it!
And till only 5% of it has been explored. yeap. So, it would be pretty stupid if we limit our thoughts and understandings just on the psihology. And there we see that Ancient Greeks were very smart people They thought that ppl area creture of universe. BUT WHAT'S MORE INTERESTING IS THAT JUST A HuMAN PRESENTS A SMALL UNIVERSE. And that's truth. You read Alchemist. That is not unreal. WHO knows what kind of biengs are we? Who knows that all of us are actually able to move things by just looking at it? Or to turn into a wind. You say it is impossible!? Oh please, think again. YOU don't even know what are u gonna do with ur life, not to think about some stupid things, like what's gonna happen with us, and who u are. Don't think about that becose the nature won't let u. U MUST REMAIN WHERE ARE YOU RIGHT NOW.
We can reach Mars, Europe(the Jupiters moon) or Titan? But we will never REALLY leave our Earth. Why? Becouse she's our mother. Weather we were created by God or somethin else, we belong to her.
So... we are just Phibonachy's line of number. No end. Just like verything. Can u count to the end? Can u see who u are? U can only guess...

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