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First, must admitt that I wrote this with no title... What we are disscusing about is-Philosophy of Ilusion.

So, I think that we cannot change. Ppl can't change their spirit, or soul. You can say that u did, but somwhere deep inside of u is- ur ego.Then again we have people, starting from Budha,till today, (zen-budhists, hinduists), that claim that they have given up on their human life. But another problem pop up: Nobody can understand them. Have u ever thought what kind of person would you be, if you stop, for eg... being angry? Or sad, or I don't know what... from philosofic, and religious side u can. But how can you live without your emotions. You won't be a human anymore. You would, surely be somethnig higher. But when I say that they have no emotions, I mean on those that are creted by our ego:anger, hate, jelousy, or just feel trapped insinde of ur own body. BUT, feelings for REAL beauty never vanishes!

So, let's say that you found uot the real truth. Or a worldwith no evil.And you feel that like. You think that pl will understand? Do you think that ppl will have a BIT of understanding??? The answer is "NO". Why? Becouse, you are not one of themanymore.

So let's ask ourselves. Is there a better place to live? Yeah go on Tibet, or India, or somewhere where there are many ppl like u. Are you ready to let go everything? I don't think so.
Jesus said, u can come with me only if u are untied, from ur family, those that u know.
Go... but firlst u have to die. Die for those that u have left...

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