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Default Need help making a thermometer!

I'm in 6th grade and am making a thermometer for science fair project.
I got the idea of making a thermometer from a several web sites but am having trouble getting it to work properly.
The procedure requires you to put colored water into a plastic or glass bottle
with a straw going through the lid down into the liquid. I have sealed the hole in the top of the lid with wax and clay as the directions suggest.
You are suppossed to put a white card behind the straw so that the water level can be seen eaisly
The water is supposed to get higher in the straw when the temp. goes up but, it will not come up enough in the straw to be able to measure cold temps. like the web sites suggest it will. The water level does not come up enough to show in the white card area
How can I get the water level up enough to mark temperatures on the card?
I want to compare temperatures with a commercial themometer,

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