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Originally Posted by monkeybrains
Hi! I would like to do my sciencefair project on Biometrics particularly iris scanning. However, I don't know what approach to take ie., color, characteristics etc., or if it would even be a good topic for a project. Can someone please give me some imput?
Biometrics sounds like a very cool project.

Take a look at the encyclopedia section:
Lots of good information/links on biometrics.

Hmm, project ideas...

1) How bout investigating to see if a person's voice could be used as a biometric characteristic to distinguish people? The question to investigate would be whether a human voice is unique to an individual. You would probably want to take into account such artifacts as the person's accent/way of pronunciation.

2) investigate ways to make really simple/cheap/but effective biometric sensors - which would revolutionize security worldwide.

3) Incorporate into your project a survey of the different kinds of biometric products available today, with an analysis of how you think the industry will evolve over time (that is, what sort of products we will soon be seeing in the near future, and how they will impact society).
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