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Hope I'm not too late...

A few research points:
1)Cations/Anions What are those, how do they form.
3)What is it in the soil that makes this work? Are there ions in the soil? Is the soil charged?
4)How does a circuit system work?

Basically, find out why electrolytes work. This should be around high schooled level work. You're only, at max, in fifth grade, but I believe you can do it. Make sure you have access to these wires, and have adult supervision.

When you want a more complicated experiment, vary the variables. For example, change the percent composition of clay in the soil by mixing your soil yourself. Or check different kinds of soil: sand, clay, gardening soil...etc, soil rich in humus (dead organisms) vs soil poor in humus...

Also, the type of liquid. What would happen if you add salt into your water? What about sugar? What about vinegar?

Also, what would happen if you change the type of battery (if that is possible)?

Good luck!
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