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dreamerofeternity would have made Einstein proud! dreamerofeternity would have made Einstein proud!

YOU HAVE A FANTASTIC EXPERIMENT! I'm so sorry I didn't see this ealier! But I hope it's not too late to rescue...

Okay, let's say you test water temperature. I think you already got it. Get some waters with different temperatures (remember to measure the temperature with the thermometer), pour the same amount of water unto each sponge, but water of a different temperature for a different sponge. In order to keep the other variables the same, just do all the sponges at the same time and put them in the same position. But one question is--do you know even tho the water is hot for a while, or cold for a while, it'll become the same as the room temperature?

For air movements, you can use a fan. It should not have an effect on the temperature, because the only reason why the fan makes you cooler is that it helps your sweat evaporate. But someone check me on that--whether a fan is valid or not. Or you can place the sponge in a different way so that more surface area is exposed--therefore, assuming more access of air currents.
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