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Well, when baking soda and vinigar mix it creates a bubbling substance that expands and produces alot of air. If you needed a project, You could do one of the following:
- Make the old fashioned volcanoe. Get red and orange food coloring baking soda and vinigar. Something the looks like a volcanoe with a hole in the middle. The put baking soda in the bottom first. This is important because you got to remember A.A.A. Always add acid! In this case vinigar would be acid im pretty sure. So after baking soda is in hole. Put 2 drops of red and orange food coloring into vinigar and quickly but carefully pour onto baking soda. It rising and looks like a vlocanoe eruption!
- Put baking soda into a bottle with a cap. Pour vinigar up 7/8 of the way and run! Please do this outdoors and away from people cars and other places ect. Have fun and stay safe!
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