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dreamerofeternity would have made Einstein proud! dreamerofeternity would have made Einstein proud!
Default Quiz: How many of these can you answer? (Challenge)

This is a big challenge...

1) State Hess' Law.
2) What is the formula for Gibbs Free Energy?

3) What neurotransmitter is lost, and therefore leads to Parkingson's Disease?
4) How many nucleotides are in a codon?

5) What are the colors of the visible light spectrum?
6) What does a spectrophotometer measure?

7) State the three most common trigometric identities.
8) What would the exterior angles of a polygon with 2006 sides add up to?

9) What plant did Gregor Mendel use for his genetic observations?
10) What islands and animals did Darwin observe to form his theory of evolution?
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