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Exclamation You Got My Help!

You are soooo lucky. I just happened to be looking at all the other thread's and I saw yours. I'm doing the same project. All you have to do is get three different shapes. (Star, oval, circle, doesn't matter, just a shape.) Then you have to fill the shapes with the SAME amount of water. After that you need to freeze them for about an hour or two. Take them out when frozen. Dump each of them out on a different plate or bowl. Observe them while there melting. Make sure you keep an eye on them. Afterwards, with all the left over water, from each shape, pour them into seperate cups. Label them anything you want to. Then make sure you measure the remaining water from each of the cups. KEEP A LAB BOOK FOR YOUR RESULTS.

P.S.- I wan't you to send me a message when you get this.
I hope the project pays off. If you want, you could pick another projects, but i don't know if that will help.

You can count on me!
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