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Default Eggs in the morning 'aid weight loss

People who eat eggs for breakfast could be giving themselves a greater chance of losing weight, according to a scientific study.

Research at Louisiana State University asked some overweight women who were already on a low-fat diet to eat two eggs for breakfast for eight weeks, while others ate a bagel 1 in the morning.

Those who ate eggs lost 65 per cent more weight, had 83 per cent greater reductions in waste circumference2 and reported greater improvements in energy levels than participants who ate bagels.

According to the scientists, these findings add to a body of research suggesting that egg consumption promotes weight loss but also provides choline, an essential nutrient that promotes brain and memory development.

A separate study carried out by scientific consulting firm Exponent in Washington DC has also concluded that the contribution of eggs to coronary 3heart disease risk is "insignificant".

It is thought that the findings of the research could be used to challenge recommendations4 that egg consumption should be restricted, particularly when it is considered that eggs contain [URL=""]protein[/URL], folate iron and [URL=""]zinc[/URL] for only around 75 calories.
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