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Default Mentor Rank

These are the recent changes to our Mentor's names/titles.

1. Next to each Mentors or Senior Mentors name, you will see a which team he or she belongs to (Eg. Team A)

2. If the Senior Mentor is a Team Leader, you will see the title "Leader, Team A" for example.

3. Under the Mentor's name, you will see the Mentors rank, measured by Stars. Stars are automatically awarded to a Mentor upon reaching a certain number of postings.

<250 postings 1 star
<500 postings 2 stars
<750 postings 3 stars
<1000 postings 4 stars
>1000 postings 5 stars

Please note: Stars are not a measure of the popularity or expertise of a Mentor. They only indicate how many postings a Mentor has made since he or she joined our forum.
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