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Ofcourse! A lot of parts(of the book) were taken from other books, and writers themselves claimed that that was just a fiction... That's a first thing that I did't like about it...But...

Leonardo, as a scientist, begun interesting in science during his boyhood.As an apprentice at his art master Verrocchio, he had observed a lot and, and had learnt more...
So, eg., water wheels turned millstones to grind grain and Archimed's screws lifted water from streams providing a ready supply for drinking and washing.Many of such a machines were pretty similliar, ao it wasn't too hard to fix them. But Leo developed a new atittude about machines. So he set out to write the first systematic explanations of ow actually machine works AND how the elements could be combined.

His tremendous talents as an ilustrator allowed him to draw his mechanical ideas with exceptional clarity. Five hundred years later, after they were put on the paper, many of his skatches could be used as a blueprints, to create perfect working models.

And check this out! It is known that many of his ideas were written reversed, from right to left, not like us. It's so called "mirror handwriting", and it's been a puzzle for a long time for other ppl, becouse none of us have used to read from right to left(except, the arabian ppl So, the question is: why did he do that?
First, I must say that he might be naturalu left hand... there are some assumes that he was seen doing and painting using left hand, and that was pretty unusual at that time...
So the first reason might be:1. keeping his ideas more safer from stealing!
2. he kept some of his secrets and ideas from Roman Catholic Church becouse they sometimes didn't agreed with her beleives...
3.Being left handed ment if he write from left to right, the ink would be messy, so he chose doing the same thing just reverse
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