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Exclamation Evolution!!!

what is evolution?
it is a gradual genstic change in a group of living things.

well the evolution theory was Charles's Darwin's theory as he went around the world. he found flinches (small birds sorry about the spelling) they had similar characterlistics which started to make him think... it acctually changed science history's theory forever...

Darwin's theory was basied on three oservations:

+ That living things vary.

+ That all living things can pass on their characteristics. (adaptation)

+ That all living things are involved in a struggle for survival. (survival for the fittiest)

we are also part of this evolution but it also clashes with religion too as well as philosophy...

we get proof that a certain species are extinct by fossils there are different types of fossiles they are:

+ petrification
+ mineralisation
+ moulds
+ footprints
+ bones

scientists who study fossils are called PALAEONTOLOGISTS.

fossil remains of the human evolution and another species of humans believed to have died out the neanderthal man.

more to come...
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