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Originally Posted by lifescience* View Post
1)how are cells in the region behind the onion root tip fifferent from those in the onion root tip!!
2)compare the chromosomes of whitefish cells(animal cells) and onion root tip cells(plant cells)
plz help me i need this for monday
plz respond asp
Those cells in the onion roots are undergoing mitosis, because it's constantly growing. The cells behind the onion root tip has already undergone mitosis and is already specialized (no longer dividing). Think of it as mitosis=giving birth to a new cell to keep on growing. The root tip keeps on dividing, the cells beyond root tip has already grown up.

Second, whitefish cells are animal cells, and two cells must combine to form one embryo to become one fish. Therefore, whitefish cells undergo meosis. You should research the difference b/w meoisis and mitosis. But generally, meoisis is for animal reprodcution and divides the number of chromosomes in half, while mitosis is for continual cell growth and keeps the same number of chromosomes.
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