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Default i got it!

hey i was thinking about it and i have searched through google and found many usefull sites one is [url][/url] the outhor of the site does wonders! he makes a sugar propelants so downloading his spread sheets and others from other sites, i have concluded that you have to use 5 stages in order to get it into 150 km orbit(the current height is 116km) the first stage will propel it upto 143 km and the rest will provide the nesesary velocity
i have plans of making a motor(1) that will provide 52% of full N type!
if I use 5 of them my rocket will be ~ 38 KG! quite heavy(one motor is~7.6 kg
with oll the payload etc. the weight will reach ~42 kg i dono but i have plans of making IT!
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