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Originally Posted by psdennis

My 4th grader has decided to do his project on "What makes the Heart beat" I have researched the information but am at a loss for showing how the heart beats. Are their any models that could show this or am I better off drawing pictures to this affect.

Um... How the heart beats? You mean how the brain sends signals for the heart, the sinaatrial node, the perkinje bundles, the AV node, etc? I would first have your fourth grader understand the flow of the blood through the pulmonary and somatic systems. Explain to him the direction of the blood flow and what it does. First get it into him that it is to release CO2 and get O2.

A diagram's on this site. [url][/url] This is how specific your diagram needs to be for him to understand how the heart works. If you print this out, it'll be good for him. So let him make arrows on how the blood flows. Red for oxygenated blood, blue for deoxygenated blood. Then let him use another marker, let's say black, to label the pathway of the chemical signal, first from the AV node to the Bundle of His, Perkinje bundles, etc.

Good luck!
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