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Originally Posted by Living_Chemistry

I am in terrible distress. Science fair is on March 1st, and I still don't have a project! Please help me.
I am interested in microbiology. I need an experiment with variables, and it can't be under high school level. If I don't get to regionals, my grade goes down to a C. Our school has very high standards, and I am a wreck.

Yours truly,
Here, see if you like this...

From one culture of paramecia (order from school), make a few cultures (to make paramecium food, you need to boil rice). One culture should be a different pH, around 5-7. The cultures should be exactly the same except for the pH. Try mixing some HCl and NaOH and find the pHs. So once a day, spend around 20 minutes looking at them under a microscope. Count the number of paramecia in one drop of culture water. Use Lugol's iodine solution to kill and stain them so they're countable. Your question is what pH would be the best for paramecium growth.
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