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Default Notice for Mentors and Experimentors

Okay, I need somewhere to post this so everyone could see it. There are a few points I think I should address to mentors and anyone doing a science fair project.

First of all, give yourself a lot of time to do the project. (I mean weeks to do decide the topic, do the research, write the research paper (with bibliography and at least 5 GOOD sources), plan out the procedures (with a little experimentation), perform the experiment, add additional research to back up your conclusion, the board...etc. Do you get what I mean now?)Very, VERY few projects could be done in a day, not to mention all the other things. Also, very few mentors could reply in one day.

Second of all, I believe mentors should not be giving anyone everything he/she needs for a project. He/she should do the research and when stumbling upon something, ask for help. The work should still be done by the experimenters, but the mentors should be there to guide things through and make things easier, NOT giving the whole steps out to them.

Hopefully this thread could be moved to somewhere more useful. And hopefully, it is useful. Disagree/agree with me, anyone.
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