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Leonardo was a member of Sion Priorate, a secret brotherhood, that was made in 1099. Since then and till now the masters have been changing, and from 1510 to 1519 he was a master....

Leonardo also(well then, they assume)that, as a master, he had to keep a secret about Jesus Chirst(I'm sure that most of you read DaVinci Code, from Den Brown, though most of those things are just a fiction), and Graal. While making his famouse work-"The secret dinner"(I'm sorry if this is not the real name in english, I don't know it), he draw Maria Magdalena next to Jesus!!! Make urself sure! Take a look, at its photo. She is wearing blue and red and so is he. Together they are making a figure like "V", and that's a simbol for Graal. Maybe not, but who knows????
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